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The Most Influential Man from Zeeland? New Interpretive Sign by Parkview Home.

A new interpretive sign in front of Parkview Home on Central Ave. tells a man who grew up in that home, Paul de Kruif. De Kruif (1890-1971 ) was an American microbiologist and writer. He is well-known for his work on Polio research and his enduring book Microbe Hunters (1926) which remains a must read for scientists.

This new interpretive sign shares the history of this influential man. You will learn about his impact on microbiology, literature, and culture as well as a biography of his life.

Another famous resident of Parkview Home was Herman Miller, namesake of the furniture company started by Miller’s son-in-law, D.J. De Pree.

The sign was developed by Dorothy Voss, edited by Judy Voss, and installed by Zeeland Print and Brian Voss.

If you want to dive more deeply into Paul deKruif’s story, check out the 2019 book A Constant State of Emergency: Paul de Kruif: Microbe Hunter and Health Activist by Jan Peter Verhave (

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